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Cabot Trail

Rising from the sea and clinging to mountains, the 298-kilometer-long Cabot Trail is a winding mix of roadway, paths, stairs, and stunning beauty that takes you from unreal ocean vistas to quaint fishing villages.

Plan several days to experience the journey of a lifetime along one of the world’s most scenic drives—you’ll need it.

Stories about the Island, by Locals and Visitors

The Cabot Trail

The View from the Top

If you’ve got a few days, we have a few hundred things to see and do. Fresh local seafood. Ancient coastlines. Toe-tapping ceilidhs. Land-loving activities and seafaring adventures—all waiting to be discovered.

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    Meander through old growth forest stands. Hug highland mountaintops. Discover hidden waterfalls and claim secluded beaches. The path less traveled? We have a few dozen of those.

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    Touring the Cabot Trail

    The Cabot Trail is unquestionably one of the most scenic routes in the world, but it is much more than a drive. Get to know it with each paddle, step, and peddle.

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    Open air, up in the air, boho glam, or all about the fam? From treehouses to yurts, explore an amazing selection of unique, 5000-star camping accommodations.

  • Taste of Autumn

    Cape Breton Highlands National Park

    Majestic plateaus. Lush boreal, Acadian, and Taiga forests. Deeply-cut river glens. Endless ocean views. Heaven is a place on earth, and it’s The Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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    Whale Watching

    Say hello to the North Atlantic’s most famous residents: pods of friendly pilot and minke whales, great humpbacks, finbacks, dolphins, and many more.

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Illustrated map of Cape Breton Island that shows the Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail makes a 185-mile (298-kilometer) loop around a sizeable chunk of the island, passing through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park at its northernmost point.

The Cabot Trail loops in either direction, starting from Baddeck or the Trans Canada Highway, this will give you time for some stops. It is best to have at least 5-7 days to enjoy all of what the Cabot Trail has to offer.

Celtic Heart of North America

Experience Celtic Colours

Destination Cape Breton will be live streaming from Celtic Colours. Experience the music, energy and excitement as people come from far and wide to celebrate Celtic culture.

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