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Which way is the best way to Travel the Cabot Trail?

Story by: Team Destination Cape Breton

We’ve decided to settle the argument of which way to travel along the Cabot Trail. Six Instagrammers have been tasked with providing their opinions. Hear which way they think is best, weigh in on the options, and decide for yourself. 

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The Plan of Action

Local ambassadors traveled around the world famous Cabot Trail to determine which direction is best. This age-old debate has left many conflicted, including neighbours, friends, and visitors alike.

Each will start their journey in Baddeck before traveling in their preferred direction around the Trail. Once they finish the 298km route, they will make their final decision before turning over the vote to you, our locals, and visitors.

#TeamClockwise – Chuck Wrathall

“I’m an earlier riser for a few reasons, beating the heat while hiking, less or zero people on the trails, and best yet, I always enjoy a good sunrise over a mountain view. Starting on the west side of the Cabot Trail, most hikes have an east view and make for a spectacular spot to see the sunrise over the highlands. I also love the feeling of driving north from Cheticamp, just before and as you enter the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, it feels like a scene out of Jurassic Parks where rolling mountains and the ocean just surround you.” – Chuck Wrathall

#TeamClockwise – Kayla Short

“Truthfully the Cabot Trail is absolutely beautiful regardless of which direction you go, but we really enjoy traveling Clockwise. Because we come from Halifax we like to start our adventure of Canada’s Musical Coast and then make our way to the Cabot Trail. It’s a beautiful drive, and it’s the ocean as far as the eye can see.” – Kayla Short

#TeamClockwise – Ashley MacDonald

“Going around the Cabot Trail, either way is spectacular, but here are some of my favourite things about going around clockwise. Kicking things off in Margaree with a paddleboarding adventure down the Margaree River and glamping at Live Life In Tents is a great way to spend the first day. The view of Pleasant Bay with the ocean and mountains when driving down MacKenzie Mountain is amazing! Being in Ingonish and able to grab some sandwiches (that were so good!) from the Periwinkle Cafe and then taking them along for a mid-hike lunch to North River Falls (which is huge!) was perfect!” – Ashley MacDonald

#TeamCounterClockwise – David Anderson and Skylar MacDonald

“What’s better than starting your road trip on the Cabot Trail than a sunrise hike on Franey Mountain? Sunrise hikes help us get excited for what the rest of the road trip will bring, and even Indie was able to join us on this dog-friendly hike! Touring the trail in a counterclockwise direction allowed us to start our vacation right, and then we had a perfect ending to our road trip by savoring a beautiful sunset on the west side of the Island.” – DaveyandSky

#TeamCounterClockwise – Adam Hill

“There is only one way to drive the Cabot Trail for photographers, and that’s counterclockwise! When you tour the trail in this direction you hug the outer lane of the highway and get to see all the amazing views from the best position. I love starting off the day with a sunrise and starting your Cabot Trail tour with a sunrise is the best way to get all fired up for a great trip!” – Adam Hill

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Clockwise vs. Counterclockwise

There’s only one way to choose a side, and that’s to drive it both ways! When it comes down to it, either way, you decide to tour the Cabot Trail is going to leave you breathless.

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Team Destination Cape Breton

Our team at Destination Cape Breton is always exploring our beautiful Island. We love discovering our hidden gems, working with partners, and putting our Island on the pedestal it deserves!

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