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5 Most Instagrammable Hikes

Story by: Ashley MacDonald

You’ve probably seen some incredible Instagram posts from the end of the Skyline Trail or the winding Cabot Trail road. If you’re looking for something different, Cape Breton has tons of other great spots to capture that perfect Instagram photo!

5. Wilkie Sugarloaf

Located in the community of Sugarloaf, this 3km (return) trail leads to the top of one of the few stand-alone mountains in Nova Scotia. At the top of the mountain, you can turn either left or right to get to viewpoints. Turning left will bring you to the viewpoint in the photo, which gives you mountain and ocean views!

A woman takes a selfie on top of a mountain overlooking an autumn landscape

4. Tenerife Peak

This short but steep hike takes you to the top of Tenerife Mountain, where you can take in incredible views in every direction. The peak of this mountain hike is unlike any other in Cape Breton as it is a rocky peak. Tree covered mountains, ocean views, and rocky outcrops – you can get photos of all of these on this one hike.

A rocky mountain overlooks a green forest

3. Fishing Cove

This 12km (return) trail begins on the top of MacKenzie Mountain and descends down to a cove that was once the site of a Scottish fishing community. It is the only backcountry camping location in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, so you can either do it as a day hike or spend the night. The grassy clearing is surrounded by hills and has a river running along the edge, providing lots of photo opportunities!

A tent is pitched across from a mountain at sunrise

2. Gypsum Mines

This quick and easy hike follows an ATV trail that leads to a lake that was once a gypsum mining site. Gypsum cliffs surround the turquoise water, which provides a great place to go swimming in the summer. At the end of the trail, there is another small trail on the left that goes up to a viewpoint overlooking the lake that provides the perfect spot to get an Instagram photo.

Aerial view of a flooded, abandoned mine in a dense forest

1. Meat Cove Mountain

This is another short but steep hike that leads to an amazing view! The trailhead is located on the main road at the edge of the Meat Cove community. The trail takes you to the top of the mountain where you can wander around and take in the views of the river valley below. It is especially nice in the fall once the leaves have turned!

A hiker stands on top of a rock overlooking a dense forest
A woman taking a photograph

Ashley MacDonald | Local Outdoor Ambassador

Ashley is from Middle River, Cape Breton Island and is currently a university student studying Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, photography, camping, and going on all the adventures Cape Breton has to offer.

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