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Travel Trade

For many years Destination Cape Breton Association has been engaged with the Travel Trade industry showcasing the best of what Cape Breton Island has to offer. Meeting with Travel Trade representatives on a face to face basis is the first stage of developing mutually beneficial relationships to help ensure unforgettable visitation experiences. Please see our Travel Trade Services section below for additional ideas on how we can help.

  • Travel Trade Services

    Destination Cape Breton is dedicated to helping travel trade operators deliver products and itineraries that you are proud of. Here are a few services that we offer.


  • Contact Us

    Have questions? We’re happy to help with any inquiries you have about Cape Breton Island.


  • Looking to visit Cape Breton Island from China?

    Check out our sample itinerary and Cape Breton information brochure translated in Mandarin. Please contact [email protected] for more information.