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Canada’s Musical Coast

Coastal communities and boundless ocean views woven together by musical tradition. Honest, authentic and without pretension—this is a coast shaped by song, strings, and sometimes, even the spoons.

Set along the Island’s western coast, it’s home to world-class fiddlers, whole clans of musicians, folk artists, and inspiring landscapes. You won’t just hear it. You’ll see, taste, and be moved by its warmth.

Canada's Musical Coast

Oh The Things You’ll See

Flying fiddlers and leaping Celtic dancers. Traditional Acadian dishes and centuries-old-songs. Painted sunsets and woven landscapes hung from gallery to museum. Salty boat breezes and crisp mountaintop air. Championship greens and a pub named The Red Shoe. You’ll see a lot, but experience so much more.

Locals Know

Celtic Music & Dance on Cape Breton Island

Canada’s Musical Coast has more square dances than stop signs! Jump into the action and take in some live Celtic music as the family square dance. Mix & mingle with locals that are keen to teach you the ways of a long-standing family tradition. Step your way to meeting you new friends and lasting memories as you dance the night away.

Illustrated map of Cape Breton Island

Easy to Find. Hard to Leave.

There are direct flights to Sydney from Toronto and Montreal and from other North American and European cities via Halifax. If traveling by ground, the Trans-Canada Highway 104 leads to Cape Breton Island.

Getting Here and Around