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5 Best Waterfalls of Cape Breton Island

Story by: Wallace Bernard

Cape Breton Island has so many awesome places to explore and all of these places are right in our backyards. Escape from the every day grind and refresh with the sounds of one of the island’s great waterfalls; a good reminder to slow down and take in what nature gives us.

Mary Ann Falls

1. Egypt Falls

I’d recommend this short hike to anyone who craves a little adventure. You have to use ropes to make your way down, but the pay-off is well worth the adventure. The falls are amazing, and if you want to cool yourself down after this tough little hike, you can take a dip in the water.

A large waterfall surrounded by trees

2. Indian Brook Falls

This hike is perfect on a nice sunny day and takes about 3-4 hours, return. Before you set out, keep in mind you have to get wet to make it to the falls. You’ll follow the trail until it ends, then you walk up river, swim through a few swimming holes and you’ve arrived. You’ll be happy you made the wet journey, the falls are spectacular.

A small waterfall

3. North River Falls

Nova Scotia’s highest waterfall, this hike will take about 6-7 hours. This is an 18km trek or 20 km if you want to see the top of the waterfall. This trail has everything. You cross over rivers, climb over mountainsides and the views are totally worth every step up the trail.

A large waterfall on a sunny day

4. Gairloch Mountain Falls

This waterfall can be a bit tricky to find and a little trickier to access but when you get down to the falls you realize all your efforts are totally worth it! If you’re going to go for a swim be warned, the water seems to always be frigid!

Gairloch Mountain Falls 2

5. Humes River Falls

Humes River Falls are so impressive and powerful. Starting in Wagmatcook First Nation, you’ll go past the Wagmatcookewey School and hike up an ATV trail past two bridges. When you encounter the fork in the path, take a right and hike until you see a marker on the left. Follow this path and markers over two more brooks and you’ll find your way to the waterfalls. You can’t miss the sound.

Hikers stand next to a large waterfall
A hiker takes a selfie next to a waterfall

Wallace Bernard | Local Hiking Ambassador

Wallace Bernard is a Mi'kmaw Physical Activity Coordinator, Local Hiking Ambassador, and outdoor enthusiast, travelling all over Cape Breton Island and mainland Nova Scotia chasing waterfalls.

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