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7 Day Itinerary on the Cabot Trail

Are you ready to drive one of the best road trips in the world?  The view just above your dashboard will now be a window to North America’s #1 Island.  With jaw-dropping scenery along the drives to Cape Breton Island’s most famous locations and communities, your 7 day itinerary will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Day 1

Sydney to Baddeck – 91 km

Start your road trip with a quick drive from Sydney to Baddeck. Baddeck is home to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site, amazing restaurants, and Uisge Ban Provincial Park. Be sure to get outside and enjoy this easy 2 km hike to one of Cape Breton’s beautiful waterfalls.  Then make your way back to the village of Baddeck for a lobster dinner and live music!

Couple eats lobster while pouring wine

Day 2

Baddeck to Margaree – 63 km

Your second day of this epic road trip begins with a drive along the Bras d’Or Lake UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  Take the exit at the Red Barn and start your journey to Margaree. This magical valley is home to the Margaree River, a designated National Heritage River, and a slower pace of life where you can savour the views as much as the local food.

fly fishing in the river

Day 3

Margaree to Chéticamp – 84 km

Drive along the west coast of Cape Breton Island and marvel at coastal views as you make your way to Chéticamp. This coast is home to a thriving Acadian Culture that invites you to explore and revel in their culture. When you arrive at the Mi-Carême Interpretive Centre in Grand Ètang, you’ll learn of the centuries-old story of the Acadian Culture.

Centre de la Mi-Carême

Day 4

Chéticamp to Pleasant Bay – 42km

Your fourth day sees you head farther north into the Cape Breton Highlands where the panoramic sights will give you pause for thought. Take your time and drink in the divine beauty that is on the west coast of Cape Breton. You will arrive in Pleasant Bay and change vehicles from car to boat. Here you will be sent from your car to a whale watching adventure that you have only seen on TV, after which you can satisfy a ‘whale’ of an appetite at the Rusty Anchor Restaurant on the Cabot Trail.

A family watches two whales from a boat

Day 5

Pleasant Bay to Dingwall – 33 km

How could a day that starts in “Pleasant Bay” get any better?  Easy— jump and your car and drive across the northern edge of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park along North Mountain.  As you make your way to Meat Cove, the scenery and views will justify why Cape Breton has the reputation that it does.  When you arrive at Cabot Trail Adventures, you have your choice of award-winning hiking, biking or sea kayaking.

7 Natural Wonders of Cape Breton 1

Day 6

Dingwall to Ingonish – 45 km

Your penultimate day of driving will find you heading south from Dingwall to one of the most beautiful beach locations on the Island.  The drive will once again provide you with another set of world-renowned vistas along the Atlantic Ocean.  Upon arrival at Cape Smokey, you will be treated to a ride – and a view— that is the only one of its kind in Atlantic Canada.  Destination Cape Smokey is the home to the only Gondola ride east of Quebec!

7 Day Itinerary on the Cabot Trail

Day 7

Ingonish to North River – 56 km

Your last day on the Cabot Trail will see you go from one of the most iconic views on the Island to the stunning tranquillity of St Ann’s Bay, located at the base of the trail. Be sure to stop in enjoy some of the local artisans that call this part of the Cabot Trail home.

7 Day Itinerary on the Cabot Trail 1

To help you find that PERFECT place to stay on your journey around the Cabot Trail, click here to find all the accommodations available to you. There are also many delicious options for Places To Eat around the Cabot Trail. Happy Planning!

Businesses and Activities on your Itinerary

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Acadian Trail

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Baddeck Lobster Suppers

Region: Cabot Trail

Community: Baddeck & Area

We are a family owned, neighborhood restaurant featuring locally-fished lobster, salmon, crab and more! Fresh hard-shell lobster and all-you...

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Cabot Shores GoBistro

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Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort

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Centre de la Mi-Carême

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Region: Canada’s Musical Coast

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Gondola at Cape Smokey

Region: Cabot Trail

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Where the mountain meets the ocean, your adventure waits!  Ride Atlantic Canada’s first gondola to the top of Cape Smokey to exp...

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Inverary Resort

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