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The Island

Miles of coastline, exceptional scenery, rich culture—there’s a reason Cape Breton Island is one of the world’s top island destinations. Located on the north-eastern tip of Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast, discover a place joined to the mainland by a causeway but separated by a uniqueness all its own.

Here ancestry is deep and alive in the roots of our communities. Cape Breton Island, also called Unama’ki, is one of seven ancestral and unceeded territories of the Mi’kmaq People. It’s a place where trails alive with Aboriginal, Gaelic, and Acadian cultures carve out communities. Where awe-inspiring land and seascapes give way to outdoor adventure and a proud history. Where roadways hug the coastline and the world’s largest inland sea is the perfect place to set sail.

Every visit is the perfect opportunity to experience the best of our regions. Our detailed website is full on information on the history and cultures of our Island, where to go and what to see, and everything you need to get around. So start planning your next adventure and prepare to leave a piece of your heart on Cape Breton Island.

Locals Know

Illustrated map of Cape Breton Island

Easy to Find. Hard to Leave.

There are direct flights to Sydney from Toronto and Montreal and from other North American and European cities via Halifax. If traveling by ground, the Trans-Canada Highway 104 leads to Cape Breton Island.

Getting Here and Around