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Our island is renowned as a hikers’ paradise,
a challenging beauty that calls out to be explored.
Breathtaking landscapes await you.
Please respect your surroundings and follow the proper Trail Etiquette.

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Cape Breton Highlands National Park features 26 trails that range from easy strolls to challenging climbs with views of highlands, valleys and seacoasts. Franey and Skyline Trail are not to be missed. Other popular trails include the Mabou Highlands, Celtic Shores Coastal Trail and the Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail. Please respect your surroundings and follow the proper Trail Etiquette.

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Cape Breton Highlands National Park

One of Canada’s most enchanting places, where the mountains meet the sea, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a vast region that protects majestic plateaus, deeply-cut river glens and spectacular ocean scenery. Take a sunset hike on the Skyline Trail, Learn to Lobster Boil, or take a Parks Canada Perfect Picnic with an incredible view.

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There are numerous waterfalls to hike to in Cape Breton. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Uisge Bàn Falls
  • North River Falls
  • Island View Falls
  • Devils Hill Falls
  • Mary Ann Falls
  • Beulach Bàn Falls
  • Egypt Falls

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Guided Hikes

Benefit from a local’s knowledge and expertise to guide you as you explore the natural beauty of Cape Breton Island. From group excursions to overnight adventures, there are several guided tour operators on the island waiting to assist you in your next adventure.

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“The Skyline Trail is the most famous stop on the Cabot Trail and with good reason. We hiked at sunset which is highly recommended. The views from the Skyline Trail are epic.”

Debra Corbeil and Dave Bouskill
The Planet D

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