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Beulach Ban Falls



Waterfall Season Selected Waterfall!

Beulach Ban Falls

Height: 21 m

Distance (one way): 134 m

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation: 12 m

Hiking Time: 5 minutes

Cellphone Coverage: No

National Park fees apply

Finding the Trailhead: From Cape North, drive on the Cabot Trail heading south west for 11 km. Turn left onto Beulach Ban Falls Road. Drive 2.2 km to its conclusion. Park here

Trailhead: 46º48’53.4”N, 60º37’35.3”W     Waterfall: 46º48’50.8”N, 60º37’30.9”W

The Hike: From where you parked, a dirt road leads almost to the foot of this waterfall. Where the road ends, a short walk of 10 m is all that is required to reach its base. With such a short hike to the base of the fall, this waterfall destination is meant for just about anybody.

Watch the waterfalls in the Aspy Valley below you as the river winds its way to the Atlantic. The name “Beulach Ban” is Gaelic, a language spoken by the original Scottish settlers. When you reach the base of the mountain, you can drive to the falls. This is a particularly nice area in the autumn when the foliage changes colour. A small picnic area allows for a tranquil lunch.

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