Culture & Heritage

Our island resonates with voices of generations before us.
We hold our traditions close, and it’s a tradition to share what we have with our visitors.

Hands on History

Take a White Glove Tour at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck to get an personal glimpse into the mind of the inventor of the telephone and pioneer of flight. Tour an underground coal mine with a retired miner at the Cape Breton Miners’ Museum and join in a Gaelic milling frolic at the Highland Village. Have a blast at the Fortress of Louisbourg where you can fire a period cannon or musket.

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Living Cultures

Cape Breton is one of the first multi-cultural societies in North America and culture is alive and well here. Our Aboriginal, Gaelic, and Acadian ancestry have deep roots in our communities, where language, storytelling, craft, dance, cuisine, and music showcase our cultural heritage. We hold our traditions close and it’s a tradition to share what we have with our visitors.

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Historic Sites and Museums

Delve into the mind of a genius, explore a 17th-century fort, or learn of our storied past. There are over 30 museums in Cape Breton as well as four national historic sites:

  • Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
  • Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site
  • Marconi National Historic Site
  • St. Peter’s Canal National Historic Site

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Industrial Heritage

Coal mining began on Cape Breton Island almost 300 years ago. The Cape Breton Miners’ Museum pays tribute to this history, including an underground mine tour with retired miners as your guides. Coal led to Sydney once being known as the “Steel Capital of Eastern Canada”, and now visitors and locals alike can enjoy Open Hearth Park on the the former industrial site.

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Cape Breton Miners’ Museum

Cape Breton Miners’ Museum

Region: Fleur-De-Lis, Marconi Trail, Metro CB Community: Glace Bay

Home to profound stories of miners and their families, and the resource that helped build a nation, the Cape Breton Miners Museum brings you deep into the lives of coal miners and a working life underground. Jo...

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Foretress of Louisbourg National Historic Site – Fire a cannon. Have a Blast at Louisbourg!

Region: Fleur-De-Lis, Marconi Trail, Metro CB Community: Louisbourg

Add an explosive element to your visit - get trained as a cannoneer and fire a cannon! Light the fuse and wait for the blast of a cannon identical to those that defended 18th-century Louisbourg. An exclusive ex...

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Strathspey Connections

Strathspey Connections

Region: Ceilidh Trail Community: Mabou

Date: July 20th

The history of the Scottish Gaels is one of tragedy to triumph! The stage production, Strathspey Connections tells this dramatic tale through traditional style storytelling, music, song, dance and informative a...

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“Firing an Eighteenth Century cannon isn’t just a matter of pushing a button or lighting a fuse. We had to dress like French artillerymen of the period, tricorn hat included, and march in formation up the battlements with a musical escort. The orders were given in French. “FEU” was my signal to blast away at imaginary foes…and my cannon belched out a lick of flame and pungent, sulphuric smoke.”

George Burden
Life As a Human: The Human Interest Magazine for Evolving Minds

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