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Ben Eoin + The Mermaid Kitchen

A nice steady climb along a well-worn path, Ben Eoin Trail leads you through large old Birch and Beech trees. At the top of the small mountain, the look-off offers…

5 Most Instagrammable Hikes

You've probably seen some incredible Instagram posts from the end of the Skyline Trail or the winding Cabot Trail road. If you're looking for something different, Cape Breton has tons…

Top 5 Hikes to Amazing Views

There are so many hiking trails with phenomenal views in Cape Breton that it's difficult to narrow it down to 5.  We wanted to highlight some hikes that are not…

5 Best Waterfalls of Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island has so many awesome places to explore and all of these places are right in our backyards. Escape from the every day grind and refresh with the…

6 Amazing Hiking Events You Can’t Miss in 2018

One of the absolute best ways to see Cape Breton Island’s awe inspiring scenery, and meet other people passionate about getting outside, is by hiking its trails during one of…

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