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Why do you Fall for Cape Breton Island?

Story by: Team Destination Cape Breton

Are you looking to visit Cape Breton Island this fall but unsure what to do? Do you want to experience the warm glow of autumn colours as you drive around our beloved Cabot Trail, or feel the cool breeze against your skin as you take your last boat ride of the season? Why not let the experts tell you why they #FallforCapeBreton

Kyler McGregor

Cape Breton hosts some amazing mountainous views, where you can see the fall colours extend for kilometres on end. You have the opportunity to see those colours along the coast as you drive the world-famous Cabot Trail. The high volume of deciduous trees on the island makes it one of the best fall destinations in Canada. Plus, you often have the opportunity to see moose along your travels!

I am most looking forward to sunrise at the top of Franey Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park. As the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean and shines onto the autumn colours of the trees, there’s often fog rolling through the valley below, creating a beautiful landscape. After every sunrise hike, our next destination is always a local café for a delicious, hearty breakfast.

Chuck Wrathall

The rolling hills covered in maples that pop red, and birch that turns a nice vibrant yellow-orange all while contrasted on some of the best scenic views, those are just some of the reasons to come to Cape Breton in the fall!

I’ve recently upgraded my camera gear so I’m extremely excited to get out on some mountainous and waterfall hikes to test it out. Cape Breton is a photographer’s paradise year-round, but a total game-changer in the fall!


Adam Hill

Cape Breton Island absolutely shines in the autumn. This Island makes being a photographer too easy. There’s a great photo just waiting to be taken in every corner of this Island. It’s just all about being in the right place at the right time. I look forward to exploring new areas of the Island this year, areas like Whycocomagh, Mabou and the Bras d’Or Lakes. However, I can’t wait to try and paddle back in Aspy Bay one more time!

James Forsey


It’s widely agreed, that Cape Breton is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. I always think about fall in Cape Breton like I do my beautiful wife. She’s stunning all year round 24/7, 365. On our wedding day, in that beautiful wedding dress, all done up to the 9’s, she’s never looked so amazing. She wore her finest jewellery, she spent hours on getting her hair done, and that dress; woah. – I can’t help but think about her beauty every day. For me, Cape Breton in the fall is similar to my wife in her wedding dress, as the beauty goes from a 10/10 to an 11/10 for a brief period. The beauty will stop you in your tracks, take your breath away, and leave a lasting memory implanted into your mind.

Fall in Cape Breton is more than just fall colours, it’s the smell in the air, the feeling of the cool refreshing ocean breeze, the sound of nature coming alive while you hike through the fall foliage, and the taste of seasonal Cape Breton beer and wines at the top of mountain vistas after you tackle one of our amazing hikes (personal favourite: Breton Brewing Pumpkin Spice Ale). Falling for Cape Breton will ignite all your senses like never before!

Ashley George

Why do I fall for fall? The question is almost rhetorical if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to look upon the sea of vivid reds, oranges and yellows that frame a relaxing trek along the Cabot Trail. The juxtaposition of the Atlantic Ocean against nature’s beauty as it pushes closer to a leaf-less winter. The views would be even more breathtaking if it wasn’t for the return of the crisp fall air that provides renewed energy after the heat and humidity of a lovely summer. Swim trunks and sunscreen are replaced by wool socks and fall sweaters as you hike along wooded trails with lightly falling leaves providing gentle reminders to take a beat and enjoy the moment. Why do I fall for fall? I can keep going but, better yet, come see for yourself!

Davey & Sky

Fall in Cape Breton is like a refreshing wave over the Island after our warm summers. It’s the most photogenic time of the year! It almost feels like something out of a storybook, as the crisp air makes our homes a little cozier and paints our mountains and valleys with the most beautiful autumn colours. When people visit here you know they are going to be treated to the best small-town hospitality and homemade foods you can find, while taking in all the beautiful views. The Cabot Trail is also an awesome unique feature that always sets Cape Breton apart from the rest of Atlantic Canada.

Personally, we can’t wait to explore our way around the Island this fall, from sunrise to sunset! We hope to showcase the stunning colours from all aspects – on top of mountains, on the water, from coastal trails, and looking out of cozy accommodation windows. Our road trip playlist is ready!

Anna Solomon

It is the rolling hills of untouched colour make Cape Breton so unique in Autumn. As a hiker, I love to know there are certain areas that only wildlife can ever explore. It is wonderful that there is still space for hikers like me to enjoy the colours on the trail while knowing that some areas are just for the moose, eagles, deer, coyotes, etc. Fall colours become extra magical when the views are unbroken by infrastructure, as we have so much space and natural landscape here on Cape Breton.

I’m most looking forward to experiencing the unique accommodations around the island. Anyone can stare out their hotel/motel window for a few, pretty fall colours; but to be out near the water in a dome, experiencing the extra reds of our fall Cape Breton sunsets, and waking up to hike in the early morning with Cape Breton hospitality? That’s an experience no other place can offer me.

Ashley MacDonald

Cape Breton in the fall is unique because we have beautiful mountains that drop down into the ocean and turn vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall. Plus there are tons of trails that end in views where you can enjoy these spectacular views!

I’m most looking forward to going hiking in northern Cape Breton where there are a bunch of great mountain hikes, like Tenerife, Sugarloaf, and Meat Cove Mountain, that all end in awesome views where you can see lots of fall colors!

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Chris van den Berg 

What I think is most unique about Cape Breton in the Fall is how the mountains in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park blaze up with red, yellow, and orange every year. Fall in the mountains always takes my breath away.
What I am looking forward to in our upcoming trip on the island is going on a staycation at Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins to recharge, relax and have a few craft beers at Nova Scotia’s first off-grid pub. I have been wanting to stay here since they opened.

Tammy Aucoin

To me, Cape Breton in the Fall is the most unique because no matter where you are on the island, you’ll experience our magical autumn colors. From the reds of the Blueberry bushes on Mica Hill to the colourful palette in the Margarees.
 What I’m most looking forward to on our upcoming trip is being outside all day admiring our Cape Breton beauty. While hiking Humes River Falls after all this rain that we are forecasted to receive. Then to end our evening with a relaxing drink at Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins. I enjoy the fact that it is an off-grid pub with minimal impact on our island.

A For Adventure

Cape Breton is one of those places that captures your imagination. From mountain top vistas, lakes, rivers and forests, it’s a place to disconnect and reconnect with nature. Every time we go we discover something new to explore, and fall in love with it all over again.


Team Destination Cape Breton 3

Team Destination Cape Breton

Our team at Destination Cape Breton is always exploring our beautiful Island. We love discovering our hidden gems, working with partners, and putting our Island on the pedestal it deserves!

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