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2 Amazing Hiking Experiences: Perfect Picnic on Franey Mountain and Skyline Trail at Sunset

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Hiking, Outdoor Adventure, Spring

There are two great ways to make your next trip to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park one you’ll never forget.

Two hikers stop to watch the sunset over the ocean

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A snowy landscape with a collection of a-frame cabins

5 Ways to Warm Up This Winter


To live fully on this island is to learn to love it through every season. Even on our coldest days Cape Breton offers up some wonderfully wintery ways to stay warm and experience the best our island has to offer. Grab your toque and mitts! We’re hitt

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Three cross country skiers make their way towards a snowy mountain

3 Must See Cross Country Ski Areas in Cape Breton

by: Daniel Murray: Local Cross Country Skiing Ambassador


The North Highlands Nordic Ski Club (NHN) was founded in 1977 by a small group of enthusiastic cross country skiers who shared a love of winter and of the splendid scenery in the Northeast Highlands Area of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

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A man and his snowshoes stand next to a rock overlooking a snowy landscape

5 Easy Cape Breton Snowshoe Hikes

by: Steven Rolls: Local Hiking Ambassador


Come late November, when parts of Canada begin to be blanketed with snow, Cape Breton wonders if Mother Nature has forgotten her. Not a chance. Winter on Cape Breton Island is inevitable.

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A couple cross country ski with snowy mountains in the background

XC Skiing in the Highlands of Cape Breton

by: Roman & Cecilia: Local Hiking Ambassadors


Cross country skiing in the highlands is definitely unlike any skiing we had done before. There’s no groomed track or perfectly flat terrain to ski, instead it’s an adventure in its own right every time we venture into the snowy highlands.

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An old barn in the winter

Six Unique Places to Stay This Winter


Many marvel at the breathtaking views Cape Breton has in the summertime, but have you ever truly appreciated unwinding in our gorgeous winter? These snowy escapes could become your new favourite way to recharge this season.

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