3-day Snowshoe Adventure

Designed by Steven Rolls, Moosebait.com
For the detailed itinerary, click here.

  • Day One
    1. Start in Sydney at the Greenlink Trail
    2. Have lunch in Downtown Sydney
    3. Drive to Coxheath and snowshoe the Coxheath Hills Trails
    4. Drive to Baddeck for dinner and overnight
  • Day Two
    1. Head to Baddeck Forks and snowshoe the Uisge Ban Falls Trail
    2. Drive north along the Cabot Trail and have lunch at the Dancing Moose Café
    3. Drive to Ingonish Beach and trek the Clyburn Valley Trail
    4. Have dinner and overnight in Ingonish
  • Day Three
    1. Drive around the Cabot Trail and snowshoe the Skyline Trail with a picnic lunch
    2. Drive to Chéticamp for dinner and overnight
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