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Story Ideas – Living Culture

Three native tongues. Dozens of communities. Millions of ways to immerse yourself in Cape Breton Island’s culture. Three foundational cultures are central to the Island’s identity, but industrialization and globalization brought more people from around the globe. Experience a small piece of Mi’kmaq culture with a beading workshop at the Membourtou Heritage Park, or explore the rich Acadian culture in Chéticmap at the Mi-Careme Centre. Continue to explore these living cultures by visit the Gaelic College and taking part in one of their cultural demonstrations. It is the rich, living culture like this that makes Cape Breton such a unique destination—we hope you take the time to experience it during your trip!

  • Colaisde na Gàidhlig – The Gaelic College

    Experience Gaelic culture with concerts, ceilidhs (pronounced kay-lees), classes and more. A visit to the Great Hall of Clans give you an inside look at the traditions of those who settled in the area. Learn about the art of kilt-making, try your hand at a milling frolic, or watch the resident weaver at the loom. Demonstrations happen daily.

  • Celtic Music Interpretive Centre

    The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is a one-of-a-kind and one-stop-shop for all things Celtic. Immerse yourself in the Celtic way of life with a unique and in-depth look into traditional music and culture of Cape Breton Island. Celtic cultural demonstrations, musical walking tours, step dance and Gaelic lessons are available.

  • Eskasoni Cultural Journeys

    Eskasoni First Nation and the Highland Village Museum have collaborated to develop a unique multi-cultural tour (Mi’kmaq and Gaelic Culture). The tour includes two different and distinct cultures reflecting the parallels and common threads linking the cultures in history and present day.

    Nestled along the Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton’s rolling heartland, where the highlands meet the lowlands along the shores of the island’s beautiful inland sea, there’s history, culture and beauty waiting to be discovered. There is a tremendously vibrant cultural heart in this region, beating with the drums of the Scottish who settled this land and of the Mi’kmaq who were here before. We’kwistoqnik’, where the fir trees are plentiful, so derived our communities name Eskasoni. One of 5 Mi’kmaq communities in Cape Breton, 13 in Nova Scotia, Eskasoni is the largest Mi’kmaq community in the world. Eskasoni is the highest populated reserve in Nova Scotia, with a population of 3,893 (registered population as of October 2008).

  • Highland Village

    This 42-acre living museum offers spectacular views of the Bras d`Or Lake. Enjoy the Guided Storytelling Tour with a costumed guide as you`re whisked back in time through four distinct eras in the lives of Nova Scotia Gaels.