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Story Ideas - Historic Sites

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

Parks Canada’s Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site commemorates the genius and compassion of renowned inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Exhibits show how he and his associates achieved Canada’s first powered flight with their airplane Silver Dart, produced the world’s fastest boat, advanced recording technology, designed giant kites and, of course, invented the telephone.

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Miners’ Museum

Home to profound stories of miners, their families and the resource that helped build a nation, the Miners’ Museum brings you deep into the lives of coal miners and a dark life of working underground. Join a retired miner for a mine tour of an actual coal mine, browse modern exhibits, or enjoy a delicious home cooked meal at the Miners Village Restaurant. The Museum is also home to the famous choir of miners, the Men of the Deeps.

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

French soldiers march down the streets of the town as ladies dance in formal parlours. Cannon fire shakes the ground as harpsichord tunes mingle with baking bread aromas drifting from the stone bakery. Step through Louisbourg’s fortress walls and time-warp back to the 1700s. Chat with fishermen, sailors and servants. Sip rum and watch lace-making as children play 300-year-old games and stew simmers on an open-hearth fire. It’s so real, it seems surreal.

Sydney’s Historical District

Brace yourself for this spine-chilling ghost tour through the haunted streets of the Historic North End of Sydney. The costumed guides will enthrall you with legendary stories of the ghostly residents of Sydney and area and take you through haunted heritage homes and graveyards that are sure to have you looking over your shoulder.

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