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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Travel through time at the Fortress of Louisbourg,
the largest historical reconstruction of its kind in North America.
Walk the streets where world powers fought for control of a continent.

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About the Fortress of Louisbourg

French soldiers march through the streets of the town as ladies and gentlemen dance in formal parlours. Cannon fire shakes the ground as harpsichord tunes mingle with baking bread aromas drifting from the stone bakery. Step through Louisbourg’s fortress walls travel back in time to the 1700s.

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18th-Century Experiences

Don military regalia as a colonial French artillery student and learn to fire a cannon as they did 300 years ago, or sign up with the Compagnies Franches de la Marine to get a soldier’s basic training and fire an exact replica of an 18th-century musket. You can also play the role of the prisoner during the Public Punishment.

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Sleep in a Fortress

Camp under the stars, safe inside the fortress walls with a period tent (already set up), period lanterns, modern floor mats, cooking equipment, a propane stove, and a fire pit to make your own fire. If you would prefer a roof over head, then the Lartigue House located on the edge of the fortified town will provide you with long- lasting memories to cherish

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Historic Tastes

Costumed staff in period restaurants prepare and serve delicious food and beverages based on 18th-century traditions and recipes. Discover the taste and aroma of Fortress Rum and learn the story of one of the most popular drinks of 18th-century Louisbourg at a Rum Tasting.

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Fortress of Louisbourg Events

2019 Louisbourg Race Through Time

Region: Fleur-De-Lis, Marconi Trail, Metro CB Community: Louisbourg

Date: August 10th

An exhilarating 8-mile road race taking you from modern day Louisbourg into the 18th century Fortress that the French walked upon nearly 300 years ago. Awards and a delicious spaghetti & meatball dinn...

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“A visit here will remind you that even though the French arrived here 300 years ago, the resplendence of Cape Breton is timeless. Its draw now isn’t the fish offshore, nor is it only about history. Louisbourg is a place to see because it offers what a great destination should: A one-of-a-kind experience invigorated by an authentic sense of place and culture.”

Adrian Brijbassi

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