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Uisge Ban Falls & Herring Choker Deli

Story by: Alicia Lake

A woman walks down a trail in a dense forest

Gaelic for “white water”, Uisge Ban (ish-ka-ban) Falls is by far the most popular hike in the Baddeck area. This 4 km, 1.5-hour hike complete with picnic facilities attracts locals and visitors all season long.

Those visiting via the many cruise ships that dock in Sydney, also make their way to the Baddeck area for the hike. It’s an easy hike so great for most ages and the payoff at the end is the “white water” falls hammering the granite gorge underneath.  An absolutely great invigorating hike for the novice, families with young children or those wanting a strong connection with nature.

Pro-Tip – Pack a lunch and your red-checkered table cloth for the perfect picnic.

GPS Coordinates (N46º12.212 W60º46.701

Recommended Restaurant: Herring Choker Deli – 10158 TCH 105, Nyanza (25 min drive)

Hippy Chic deli with a relaxed and comfortable feel. Come for great baking, sandwiches and soup. They

also provide decent packaging for taking out and turning your meal into a trail picnic.

Recommended Dish – Curried Tuna wrap or grilled veggie wrap – equally awesome.

Pro Tip – Always get a cup of soup on the side with any sandwich or go all-in with a bowl. They are known for their tasty and interesting soups.

A pastrami, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on whole wheat bread
A woman holds a plate with a sandwich and salad

Alicia Lake | Local Culinary Ambassador

Alicia Lake is a lifelong resident of Victoria County, Cape Breton, and a self-proclaimed local food fanatic. She holds an MBA in Community Economic Development, as well as undergraduate degrees in Community Studies and Political Science. Alicia has a great deal of experience working in various areas of the local food sector and is extremely passionate about good food and the local food economy. Alicia is the founder of the Baddeck and Area Community Market, and the 50% Local Food Club. She is currently the Executive Director of the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op, an on-line marketplace for local foods in Cape Breton.

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