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Hidden Gems: The Kauzmann Trail

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This Hidden Gem of a trail is so well hidden that you can explore this beautiful headland all by yourself. This trail is similar to the Skyline Trail, as it has an easy hike with an expansive view at the top waiting just for you. Let James Forsey show you how to find this Hidden Gem. 

Where the Sea Meets the Sky—Experience the Kauzmann Trail 

My assignment for Destination Cape Bretons Hidden Gems campaign was to showcase the Kauzmann Trail, in St. Margaret’s Village, and the great food and accommodations of the Markland Resort in Dingwall. 

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The Road to the Trail

From Ingonish, drive approximately 30 minutes North along the Cabot Trail, to the community of Dingwall. Turn right onto Bay St. Lawrence Road.  Drive approximately 20 minutes (18km) until you reach 6014 road on your right. The trailhead is located 5.6 km from Bay St. Lawrence Road and marked by a buoy hanging from a tree and flagging tape. 

Note: The road can be tricky at times, but it is maintained to provide access to quarry, power line access, and transmission towers.  Take your time, it is worth the drive; trust me.  Enjoy some great views of Bay St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean on route to the trailhead.

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Trail Conditions 

The hike is approximately 2km (each way). Back-country conditions exist, but the trail is easily navigated. As you did all the climbing on the drive-in, the trail is relatively flat as you cross the plateau of the Aspy Fault. As you step out to the ridge, you will be standing 344 meters above sea level with an epic 360-degree view.

The ridge is approximately 40 feet wide and slopes dramatically to the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and to a valley on the other.  If you are adventurous, getting there at sunrise is the best way to experience a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.  You can follow the ridge for quite a while, and a geocache is located near the end of the trail.

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Welcome to the Markland 

Located in the community of Dingwall, the Markland Resort is located at the end of Dingwall Road, off the Cabot Trail.  Our accommodations were exceptional.  Our cabin had high-end finishes, appliances, and a beautiful patio with veranda.  Even though the cabin was amazing, we chose the Markland Resort for the property. The property sits on one of the most amazing beaches in Nova Scotia. If beaches aren’t your thing, there is also a saltwater pool. We were excited by the variety of great food options from the restaurant on-site and pleased with the polite, timely, and friendly service.  

Hidden Gems, The Kauzmann Trail
Hidden Gems: The Kauzmann Trail
Hidden Gems: The Kauzmann Trail 1

Insider Tips & Tricks

  • You will have great cell coverage on top of the Kauzmann Trail. Be sure to post beautiful pictures of your experience and be sure to tag me in your posts!  
  • After your hike at the Kauzmann Trail, stop for a picnic and swim at Cabot’s Landing Provincial Park. It is provincial park located approximately 4 km from 6014 on your way back to the Cabot Trail on Bay St. Lawrence Road. This is the site John Cabot made landfall and has incredible historical value. The beach, itself, is my favourite beach on Cape Breton Island. 
  • Dingwall, Neil’s Harbour, and Cape North are great places to base your Cape Breton vacation from. There are many options for accommodations, restaurants, shopping and adventure. Whether it is some of the best hiking in the highlands, or sitting on the best beaches in Nova Scotia, kayaking, zip-lining, museums or fishing, this part of Cape Breton provides it all.
Hidden Gems, The Kauzmann Trail 3
Hidden Gems, The Kauzmann Trail 1
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