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Exceptional Reception

Story by: Yvette Rogers

As a songwriter, I’ve often described my creative process as though I have tuned into an invisible radio frequency… that a muse has gifted me with some insight and melody, which I then take and fold and craft into the form of a song.

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Many creatives over time have referred to the muse in their process. Not to diminish their sense of discipline or their skill or their time, the muse is simply a spark that helps ignite those things into action. And many creatives talk of specific places in the world that feed their creative spirit in a way that can be difficult to describe other than to invite others to also visit and feel it for themselves

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Cape Breton Island is such a place. Not only because of its social history and complexity that lends itself to interesting stories and observational commentary, but something of a natural phenomenon by which those with an inner “antenna” can pick up on a creative frequency that is nothing short of beautiful. I describe Cape Breton Island as having exceptional reception.

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I believe this is why many artists of a variety of disciplines call the island home. I believe this is why there are more musicians here than I can count; why I could not answer “how many musicians do you know” easily, because there are so many. I believe this is why creative innovators have done a great deal of their work while here (I’m looking at you, Alexander Graham Bell). I believe creative spirits can tap into something special here.

If you are a writer (potter, painter, composer, sculptor, actor…) I implore you to come, visit and feel for yourself.

Yvette Rogers

Yvette Rogers

Yvette Rogers is the Outreach Coordinator for the Celtic Colours International Festival. She is one who loves dance, music, food, swimming, art, nature, animals, and kind people.