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Edge of the World: Hiking Meat Cove to Lowlands Cove

Story by: Roman & Cecilia: Local Hiking Ambassadors

Meat Cove is just one of those places in Cape Breton that you have to experience. The last section of the drive leading up to it has a complete edge of the world feel to it. Many people come here to camp and enjoy the serenity. There is a beautiful beach and some fantastic hiking opportunities.

A few years ago, my good friend Andreas came to visit from Germany. I figured I should take him on a real adventure and show him what Cape Breton is all about. I had never hiked around Meat Cove but had heard that it’s a pretty neat area to venture off into the wild.

Meat Cove Campground has an incredible view of the area and offers a great camping experience. I have come here many times and never get tired of it. The trailhead for Lowlands Cove actually starts near the campground, and since the road basically ends at the campground, that’s where you leave your rig.

A coastline hiking trail

Hiking to Lowlands Cove is really special. Much of the trail follows the rugged coastline, taking you past lighthouse ruins and more than likely you will find some horses grazing peacefully. We had planned to camp out in Lowlands cove, so we left a bit later in the day. It was really sunny, but I will never forget the wind along the shore that day. While we were hiking, we were actually starting to wonder if our tent would make it in those conditions. Maybe when the wind hits around that area it’s even stronger than around Cheticamp, because it’s the most northern tip of the island. Luckily we ended up finding some shelter and got to witness a beautiful sunset at the beach in Lowlands cove.

A horse and a cow walk through a grassy landscape

The hike itself is fairly challenging, because of the distance and some steep sections. (especially if you’re bringing camping gear) You can definitely make this a longer day hike as the roundtrip is only 16km. More than likely you won’t meet many people here, so if you’re looking for that solitude, this hike will definitely provide it. I really recommend this hike and look forward to coming back here!

A hiker treks along the coastline
Black and white image of a couple in toques and winter jackets

Roman & Cecilia: Local Hiking Ambassadors |

We are a nature loving couple living in Cheticamp, Cape Breton, always exploring new adventures. Both of us have a strong connection to the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle and we enjoy sharing our passions with like minded people.

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