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Dance Dance, Wherever You May Be

Story by: Celtic Colours International Festival

It is well-established that dance tradition is an important, if not defining, influence on Cape Breton’s traditional music. Dance is the root of our culture and drives the rhythmic style of music found not only here but also in Irish and Scottish musical traditions, as we see in these Celtic Colours performances.

Celtic Hearts : Dé tha thu 'g ràdhainn? | What are you saying? 1

Dusky Meadow Set: Dusky Meadow (Traditional) / Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston (John Campbell) / Beaton’s Delight (Donald Angus Beaton)

Celebrating the integral role dance plays in Cape Breton’s traditional music, Celtic Colours has always showcased dance during the Festival. Renowned Cape Breton dancer and instructor Melody Cameron is featured here with Kenneth MacKenzie on fiddle, Patrick Gillis on guitar, and Mac Morin on piano, recorded during the always popular Close to the Floor concert at Strathspey Place in Mabou (10/13/15).

Featuring: Melody Cameron, Kenneth MacKenzie, Mac Morin, and Patrick Gillis

Grogan’s Set: Grogan’s / Headwood Crossing / Leslie’s March (Traditional, arranged by Liz Doherty, Eugene McKenna, Lauren O’Neill, Eimhéar Mulholland and Jack Warnock)

Dr. Liz Doherty and a flock of her Ulster University students are joined on stage by Irish dancer Joe McGuiggan at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre during Celtic Cabaret (10/9/16). Joe’s dance is influenced and inspired by the old traditional style of County Derry in the North West of Ireland. This sean-nós, or “old style”, has much in common with Cape Breton step dancing. 

Featuring: The Doc Flock with Liz Doherty and Joe McGuiggan

The Dance Set: The Kames Lassies (Donald McPhedran) / Little Donald in the Pigpen (Traditional) / Mary’s Fancy (Traditional) / The Ale is Dear (Traditional)

Cape Breton dancer Amélie Larade steps to centre stage in her home community of Chéticamp to close the first half of Fiddlers’ Homecoming: 50 Years at the Doryman, at La Place des arts Père Anselme Chiasson (10/11/16). Fin Moore, Sarah Hoy, Andrea Beaton and Mike Vass make the Cape Breton-Scotland connection on this set of tunes just right for dancing.

Featuring: Fin Moore, Sarah Hoy, Mike Vass and Andrea Beaton with Amélie Larade


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Celtic Colours International Festival

For nine days each October, Cape Breton Island comes alive with music and dance as the Celtic Colours International Festival celebrates the Island’s rich cultural legacy.

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