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Cape Mabou Highlands & Clove Hitch Bistro

Story by: Alicia Lake

Aerial view of a stunning green coastline

The Cape Mabou Highlands should be on everybody’s list. It’s not your typical tourist route and the trail offers dramatic vistas over the Gulf of St. Lawrence. You can get your heart pumping or take a leisurely stroll through remnants of Acadian old-growth forest (i.e. maple, beech trees with high canopy and ground covered by ferns). And all of this without the crowds of the National Park close by.

There are over 12 different trail segments varying in length from 300m to 6.4km and when you start adding them end to end you can easily spend a day or two exploring this part of the island.

GPS Coordinates: 46° 8.556’N, 61° 26.959’W

Pro Tip– The Cape Mabou Trail club sells maps at the local store and you might be able to purchase them through the mail if you contact them.

Recommended Restaurant: Clove Hitch Bistro – 8790 Nova Scotia Trunk 19, Port Hood (10 min drive)

Upscale style bistro with a beautiful view of the water. It’s good for casual dining or a special night out after hiking up an appetite all day.

Recommended Dish – Start with lobster wontons, and continue with a veggie and goat cheese wrap.

Pro Tip – Get the chowder as a side for any sandwich. You won’t regret it!

A dish of seafood linguine with bread and an edible flower
A woman holds a plate with a sandwich and salad

Alicia Lake | Local Culinary Ambassador

Alicia Lake is a lifelong resident of Victoria County, Cape Breton, and a self-proclaimed local food fanatic. She holds an MBA in Community Economic Development, as well as undergraduate degrees in Community Studies and Political Science. Alicia has a great deal of experience working in various areas of the local food sector and is extremely passionate about good food and the local food economy. Alicia is the founder of the Baddeck and Area Community Market, and the 50% Local Food Club. She is currently the Executive Director of the Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op, an on-line marketplace for local foods in Cape Breton.

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