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Plan Your Next Long Weekend in Chéticamp!

Story by: Team Destination Cape Breton

Looking for a great way to spend your long weekend on Cape Breton Island? Chéticamp will wow you! Two local ambassadors, Jeremy Smith of CB West Paddle Boards and Napoleon Chiasson, one of our Acadian cultural ambassadors, co-created an itinerary on how to explore the Chéticamp area over 3 days, so you don’t miss any hidden gems. We hope you enjoy living the way lucky locals do!


Day 1

Start your morning off with a peaceful paddle-boarding experience. Book ahead of time and Jeremy from CB West Paddle Boards will help you choose a beautiful, and scenic spot to start your adventure. Be sure to add this to your bucket list this summer, we are certain you won’t regret it!

A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 15
A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 13

Next stop, Les Trois Pignons! Visit this historical location for a special view of the Acadian culture and the history of Chéticamp. There you will find a stunning collection of hooked rugs and antiquities, a genealogy resource centre and library, with a full range of visitor information services. Be sure to ask about the rug hooking demonstrations as they go on various times throughout the day.

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A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 18
A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 17

Dinner time! After a full day of adventuring, there’s nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a delicious meal served by some of the most friendly staff. Among an abundance of amazing restaurants, we decided to check out L’abri! Not only do they have delicious food, and a beautiful location they also give you the option to sit outside where you can enjoy your meal while watching the sunset over the Atlantic ocean. 

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A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 3
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Now it’s time to end your day with a beautiful walk along Le Buttereau Trail. This is a hidden gem that you need to see! The views are incredible and not only are you walking along the Atlantic ocean you can also overlook the beautiful Chéticamp River as well.


A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 9

Day 2

Start your second day off by visiting The Centre de la Mi-Carême. Learn about the traditions of Mi- Carême and the significance they have to the community of Chéticamp. Design your own mask to take home with you and even dress up in a costume to fully engulf yourself in the culture of the area.

A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 26
A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 27

After an incredible experience with Mi-Carême it’s time to indulge in some delicious sweets and rich fair trade coffee that will keep you energized throughout your day. Visit the Freya & Thor Gallery & Cafe. It’s a cafe, folk art gallery and curated boutique on the Atlantic coast offering a unique experience in Maritime flavour.

A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 24
A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 25

Now it’s time to grab your bathing suit,  lace up your hiking shoes and pull out your camera. This next spot will allow you to check off three activities in one! A simple 20-minute hike will lead you to a beautiful, secret swimming spot where you can spend your time, picture taking, adventuring through the cliffs, or jumping into the beautiful pool of water! Gypsum Mines is a hidden gem indeed. Truly a must-see location when visiting the Chéticamp Area!


Day 3

You might think after two days you would run out of things to do but we have you covered! The Acadian Trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in all of Cape Breton and is a must-see throughout your adventure. Hike 365 metres above the Chéticamp River for incredible views of the Acadian coastline, the Chéticamp river valley and the park’s highland interior. Don’t worry about the length of the hike, there are Benches throughout the entire path that allow you to rest and enjoy the scenery.  

A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 20
A Perfect Day in Cheticamp 21

Next up, follow the light to Le Gabriel Restaurant and Lounge. We know you must be hungry after that hike, and now it’s your time to sit back and relax. Experience Acadian culture with traditional dishes and complete your meal with a delicious homemade dessert from their menu.


Now you are ready for an epic adventure! Visit Captain Zodiac Whale Cruise for an experience of a lifetime. You can snorkel the rugged coastline, including sea caves and coves. This trip has many options depending on your interests, including whale watching, seal watching, bird watching, and snorkelling in coves and sea caves. If that’s not for you then you can choose the regular whale watching. The regular tours depart twice daily at noon and 3 pm. Tours last approximately 2 to 3 hours, and whales are guaranteed on every trip or full money back!

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