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2 Amazing Hiking Experiences: Perfect Picnic on Franey Mountain and Skyline Trail at Sunset

Story by: Kristine Mills

There are two great ways to make your next trip to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park one you’ll never forget. If you’re looking for a relaxing walk to one of the most beautiful views in Canada, or willing to take on the challenge of a coastal mountain and work up an appetite, here are two experience perfect for visitors and locals alike.


Perfect Picnic

Franey Mountain offers both a workout and a payoff. The mountain plays backdrop to the village of Ingonish, a place known for its outdoor adventure and four seasons of activity. Hiking to the top of the mountain is challenging but offers great spots to rest, a steady incline and one of the best scenery payoffs in the area. The highlands converge on this massive gorge that trails out to the ocean, and the winds near this sheer descent down the valley take your breath away. You’ll work up an appetite so you should call up one of the participating restaurants to arrange your Perfect Picnic to take with you up the mountain (plus you get to keep your Official Parks Canada Picnic Blanket!). It makes for a pretty incredible trail dining experience.

Parks Canada has a list of 10 Perfect Picnic Places they recommend to go along with your lunch provided by 4 participating restaurants around the Cabot Trail

Skyline at Sunset

For those of us that care all about the view, and capturing the magic of a Cape Breton west coast sunset (either by imagination or camera), make it a point to hike the Skyline Trail for sunset. This gentle, guided hike starts about 2 hours before the sun is scheduled to set so you get the perfect front-row view to one of the true wonders of the Atlantic coast. On a clear day, the west of the island is alight with hues of oranges, reds, pinks, and purples, and the vantage point from the Skyline Trail makes the scene even more dramatic. There’s plenty of space at the look-off so if you’re hoping to take in this experience in solitude or with a loved one, find a spot all to yourself.


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Kristine Mills | Director of Marketing

Kristine is the Director of Marketing for Destination Cape Breton Association. If you’ve posted a Cape Breton Island photo on social media, she’s creeped it! Kristine is passionate about bringing Cape Breton Island’s magic to life online.

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