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UNB Bioarchaeology Field School

58 Wolfe Street


Rochefort Point has been severely impacted by coastal erosion. The shoreline along the coast of the Point has receded by approximately 40 feet since the 18th century, forever changing its landscape.

Due to this erosion, 18th-century burials that were once at the interior of the Point are now at risk. Parks Canada is partnering with the University of New Brunswick to host a bioarchaeology field program in which human remains will be removed. These remains will be studied, providing more information about those who once lived at Louisbourg for generations to come, and will later be reburied at a location where they will no longer be at risk.

Throughout the recovery process, our top priority is that all human remains be treated with respect, reverence and dignity.

Take the Ruins Walk out to Rochefort Point where the Fortress meets the sea. Watch and learn as bioarchaeologist students and their professor Dr. Amy Scott uncover the remains of Louisbourg’s past to help transport them to a location where their remains will be safe. Chat with students and Parks Canada staff to learn more about the project and why it is so important to preserve our heritage and protect our shorelines.


This experience is included with Fortress of Louisbourg admission fees. 

Youth 17 and under have free admission to Parks Canada places.

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