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Unama’ki Mawio'mi (Cape Breton Pow Wows)

Next Date: Sep 7, 2019

MAWIO’MI is the Mi’kmaq word meaning a gathering, composition (commonly used for Grand Council) the common word in mainstream society and shared by a majority of the tribes is Pow-wow. A pow-wow (also powwow) is a social gathering held by many different Indigenous communities. The word derives from the Narragansett word powwaw, meaning “spiritual leader”

A pow-wow is a celebration and a social gathering. Some may consist of a dance arena, campgrounds, parking lot, little shops, arts & crafts vendors and food stands. Pow-wows usually take place over weekends. They are rich in tradition and culture. All Nations and races are welcome to pow-wows to see the sights, hear the music and eat the food.

Eskasoni – June 29th – June 30th 2019

Potlotek – July 20th – July 21st 2019

Membertou – September 7th – September 8th 2019

We’koqma’q – TBA

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