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Tunes on the Town Ingonish - Carleton Stone and Ava Vallis

37733 Cabot Trail Highway, Ingonish Beach, NS B0C 1L0

Thursday, September 22, 4 – 6pm

Carleton Stone

The Nova Scotia songwriter’s first release from his 2022 recording is one for the ages, co-written with longtime collaborators Breagh Mackinnon and Dylan Guthro. Envisioning a love that could span centuries, Stone laments the fleeting nature of transcendent connection over the sweeping pedal steel and melancholy strings of “Ice Age.” But he finds room for uplift, too—the song’s mood takes its devotional turn as Stone recognizes this grand kind of love is special because it can’t last forever. At least not literally, anyway, save for a natural disaster. “I can’t make you stay,” he sings. “So I’m praying for an ice age.”

Carleton took a break from his award-winning solo career when he became a founding member of Port Cities.  The band released music and successfully toured nonstop for five years before the world ground to a halt.  During lockdown, Carleton worked to hone his skills as a producer and in 2021, Carleton produced Willie Stratton’s Drugstore Dreamin’ (2022) along with his own record.

An outstanding writer, Carleton has written songs for and with such diverse artists as Donovan Woods, Classified featuring Snoop Dogg, Ria Mae, Bobby Bazini, and Neon Dreams. Carleton has three solo albums to his credit and has toured internationally for the better part of the last decade.

Ava Vallis

Mature beyond her years, Ava Vallis is writing music that challenges our thoughts on how we perceive youth. Held under the pressure of the old guard, but expected to be ready to solve the problems created by generations of mistakes. Ava performs as a youth whose opinion and passion (spoken through song) speaks for itself and for others who may wish to take refuge in them. With political and social views on full display and a fierce ambition to succeed on her own terms, Ava walks a path filled with love and understanding.

Be sure to spend some time in town before and after the show – grab a bite to eat, visit the shops and stay for the night.

Tunes on the Town is a live music series in downtowns throughout Cape Breton Island during summer and fall 2022. The program is supported by funding from the Government of Canada through the Rediscover Main Streets program. 

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