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Tunes on the Town Chéticamp - Michael Ryan & Kristen Herrington and Billie Yvette

La Place du Pêcheur, 15336 Cabot Trail Road, Chéticamp

August 10, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is an award-winning musician and Kristen Herrington is a prolific abstract artist. They have been travelling as a couple for the past decade and began creating art together in 2019 with Herrington developing a painting for every song from Ryan’s first solo album From the Bottoms of Our Murky Hearts.

As the frontman and songwriter for The Town Heroes, Ryan has toured the world and released 6 albums. He enjoys eating samples at grocery stores, walking fast, and giving boisterous thumbs-up gestures in applicable situations. Growing up in a farming community where cows outnumber people, Herrington draws upon life’s simple moments as inspiration for her paintings. Her interests range in spectrum from politics to petting zoos, bringing versatility to her creative approach.

Billie Yvette

Billie Yvette is a talented songwriter with a quirky, folky, bluesy sound. The lyric-driven songs will make you think.

Be sure to spend some time in town before and after the show – grab a bite to eat, visit the shops and stay for the night.

Tunes on the Town is a live music series in downtowns throughout Cape Breton Island during summer and fall 2022. The program is supported by funding from the Government of Canada through the Rediscover Main Streets program. 

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