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St. Peter's Pirate Days


Next Date: Sep 12, 2019

*** The following is from the 2018 Schedule of Events but 2019 will likely be quite similar! Stay tuned.***

    Pirate Poker Walk 5:30pm -6:00pm
    Pirate Days Trivia Night: 8:00pm

  Opening Ceremonies: 6:30pm-7:00pm
  Pirates Wing Nite: 9pm-MIDNIGHT

  Charity Run: 8am
  Thieves’ Market: 9am-5pm
  Young Scallywag Activities: 10am – NOON
  Pillaging for the Food bank: 10am noon.
  Artisan Market: 11am-3 pm
  Pirate Grill: 11am-1 pm
  Pirate Pet Parade: 1 pm
  Sprog Sprint Cardboard Boat Race 2pm-4pm
  Scallywag Sea Skirmish
  Cardboard Boat Race: 4pm
  Landlubbers Happy Hour: 3pm-5pm
  Pirate Patio Party: 6 pm – 9 pm
  Lights on the Lake Ships Parade: 7:30pm -8:30pm
  Party Like a Pirate: 9:00pm-1:00am

  Artisan Market: 11am-3 pm
  Pirate Parade: 12:30 pm

LOTS of Friendly Competition

  • Pirate Poker Walk
  • Pirate Days Trivia Night
  • Best Dressed Business
  • Best Dressed House
  • Pirate pet Parade
  • Scallywag Sea Skirmish
  • Spog Spints
  • Parade of Lights
  • Best Parade Entry
  • (See rules on line)


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