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Shovel Racing (Green Edition)

38696 Cabot Trail Ingonish Beach


Join us on St. Patrick’s Day for shovel racing!
Races start at 10am.
Let’s see just how creative you can be!
Open to ALL AGES

Ski Hill is open to the public before, during, and after this event. 

“Little Dave” Memorial Shovel Race Rules

• All entries must include a shovel/scoop base.
• Shovels can be modified in any way but must be able to pick up snow like a shovel
• Shovels can not have an engine or motor of any kind
• All contestants must be sitting on their shovel coming across the finish line
• All contestants must be wearing helmets. (No Ski Boots allowed)
• Each contestant will get two runs – both times will be combined to declare winners
• Winners in Stock Class, Modified Class, and an overall winner
• Kids Race (Under 16) can only include stock shovels.
• Ice picks, poles are allowed in hands

Modified Class – Anything added to your shovel. (Skis, Snowboards, Chairs, Sleighs, Slides, etc)

Stock Class – Regular Shovels or Scoops (can have sprays for speed)

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