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58 Wolfe Street


Next Date: Jul 19, 2019

CultureFête – an 18th century style festival with encampment

A three-day festival with an encampment happening July 19-21! Re-enactors will transport you back to the 1700s while artists, artisans and musicians demonstrate their talents and links to the story of Isle Royale, now Cape Breton.

Interact with re-enactors living in the 18th century town and see how they cook, do lace making, bookbinding, blacksmithing and more. Try out archery or help restore the chapel by applying real 23k gold leaf on molding details! Get to know the story of chocolate or the New France rum trade. Meet with the Fortress of Louisbourg tradesmen as they demonstrate timber hewing and masonry techniques used to build and still use today to maintain the largest historical reconstruction in North America. Enjoy a variety of presentations, skill-oriented workshops and sales of goods in an open-air craft shops. Join us as we honour the cultural connections and legacies linked to historic 18th century Louisbourg.

The event is broken into three theme days to highlight diverse cultural aspect of 18th century Louisbourg:

  • July 19: Trades and Crafts
  • July 20: Arts and Culture
  • July 21st: Recreating the Past


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