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Virtual Tour – 5 Amazing Waterfalls on Cape Breton Island

Story by: Team Destination Cape Breton

We’ve prepared a list of some of Cape Breton Island’s favourite waterfalls that you can tour virtually. Cape Breton Island has been called a waterfall chasers paradise and we can’t argue with that title! Cape Breton Island is home to dozens of waterfalls and all are worth exploring when it’s safe to do so.

North River Provincial Park

1. North River Falls

First on our list is Nova Scotia’s highest waterfall, reaching a height of 32m. Not only is the waterfall an amazing site, but the trail also has lots to offer, with rivers to cross over and mountainsides to scale. The North River Falls is not for those looking for a quick stop, as the hike spans 18 km in length. While this may sound like quite the feat to the average hiker, the view alone is worth it—and we promise that you’ll get an Instagram worthy shot to show for it.

2. Uisge Ban Falls

Gaelic for ‘White Water’, Uisge Ban (ish-ka-ban) Falls has a four-kilometre trail that passes through a hardwood forest comprised largely of maple, birch and beech woods; and leads to this 50ft waterfall. Uisge Ban is a section of the longer Falls Brook, which flows into the North Branch Baddeck River and eventually to the Bras d’Or Lake.

3. Egypt Falls

These falls are one you need to add to your Cape Breton bucket list—trust us. Egypt Falls also referred to as “Piper’s Glen Falls,” is a waterfall sure to impress everyone. Nestled in the backwoods of Scotsville, be prepared for a steep descent down to the falls (so steep that you will need to use the rope to get down) followed by more adventure as you have the option to climb up the cascades, to the top of the falls. Might we also recommend that you pack a bathing suit, as the first cascade is a great spot to take a dip.

4. Beulach Ban Falls

Nestled within the borders of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, these spectacular cascades are sure to amaze you. To reach these falls, it is only a short hike through the park, near Cape North in the Aspy Valley. The Beulach Ban Falls fall from the top of the highlands and are surrounded by forest, and with its close entry to the road, these falls are easily accessible—allowing for everyone to enjoy the view.

5. Mary Ann Falls

Mary Ann Falls is another waterfall located in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park that is worth a visit. These falls also provide a great destination if you want to swim in the pool at the base of the falls. These falls are very easy to access and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Team Destination Cape Breton

Our team at Destination Cape Breton is always exploring our beautiful Island. We love discovering our hidden gems, working with partners, and putting our Island on the pedestal it deserves!

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