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4-day Snowmobile Adventure

By Clifford Aucoin

Day One

Access the Cape Breton Highlands Snowmobile Trail Guide for point markers referenced in this itinerary:

1Start your snowmobiling adventure at Whycocomagh Provincial Park. Travel 3.9km until you reach Trail 104.

2Follow Trail 104 from point 4M approximately 12kms to the look off at Campbell’s Mountain just before point 4K, passing point 4L along the way.

3Return to Trail 104 at point 4K and follow it along approximately 25km until you reach point 5A, passing points 4J, 4H, 4G and 4F along the way.

Follow the groomed trails from point 5A approximately 13km until you reach the heat shelter. Stop for a snack and a little rest.

Follow the trail from 5B approximately 50km toward Inverness, passing points 5C & 5D, 6A, 6B and 6D ending up at 6E.

Stop for lunch in Inverness.

Places to eat:

  • Downstreet Coffee Company
  • Cabot Public House
  • The Village Grill
  • Coal Miner's Cafe
  • Robin's Coffee Shop

4Get back on the trail at 6E and travel approximately 30km towards Baddeck. You will travel passed points 6F, 6G, 6H, 6S, and get back on Trail 104 at point 7A.

Follow Trail 104 from point 7A for approximately 30km towards Baddeck. You will travel passed points 7C, 7D, and 7E.

Dine and overnight in Baddeck.

Places to eat and stay:

Approximate distance travelled for Day 1 is 165 kms.
Day One Map Visual

Day One

Trail 104

Day Two

Grab some breakfast and head out on the trails for day 2 of your snowmobiling adventure starting from point 7F.

5Follow the groomed trails for approximately 40km towards Chéticamp. You will travel through point 7G to point 7H.

Get back on Trail 104 at point 7H for approximately 9.4km, then get back on the groomed trails toward North East Margaree.

Follow the groomed trails for approximately 20km into North East Margaree, passing 8H and 8J along the way.

Grab a bite to eat at The Dancing Goat Bakery & Café. The Dancing Goat is a cafe/bakery in North East Margaree. Located on the Cabot Trail #6289. They serve coffee, scones, muffins, breakfast, lunch and desserts. Bakery items include breads, biscuits and cookies. All bakery items are made fresh on the premises.

6Get back onto the groomed trails at 8J traveling approximately 1.5km towards Trail 105.

Enter Trail 105 at 8H and travel for approximately 27km, passing through points 8G, 8C, 8D, and 8E ending up at point 9B towards Chéticamp.

Take the groomed trails from 9B approximately 9km to a look out.

7Get back on the groomed trails traveling approximately 9km more ending up in Chéticamp.

Have dinner in Chéticamp. Remember to eat before it gets too late—restaurants often close early in the winter months.

Places to eat:

  • Evangeline Restaurant
  • Harbour Restaurant
  • Doryman Pub & Grill
  • Le Gabriel
  • Robin's Donuts

Overnight in Chéticamp

Places to Stay:

Approximate distance travelled for Day 2 is 120 kms.
Day Two Map Visual

Day Two

Dancing Goat Restuarant

Day Three

Grab breakfast and head back out onto the trails for day 3 of your snowmobiling adventure. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the trail.

8Get onto Trail 104 at point 9K. Travel for approximately 14.5km, passing through points 9J & 9F.

At point 9F, re-enter Trail 105. Travel for approximately 6km, passing point 9E and reaching 9C. Once at point 9C, follow groomed trails for approximately 17km until you reach Trail 104, passing points 9D & 8Q along the way.

Get back on Trail 104 toward Wreck Cove. Travel approximately 8km, passing 7U and 10F. Turn left off of Trail 104 onto groomed trails and head toward the look off at Cape Clear.

Enjoy your picnic lunch at the look off. (Please remove all waste before leaving so as not to cause any damage to the environment or wildlife in the area.)

9Get back on the groomed trails and head toward Wreck Cove. Travel 10.5km from the look off and re-enter Trail 104 at 7T.

At point 7T, follow the groomed trails approximately 13km toward North River passing point 7V.

Stop at the look off for North River Falls and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

10Return to the groomed trails and head toward Wreck Cove, traveling approximately 50km and passing points 7K, 7L, 7M and 7N and ending up at 7P.

Grab a bite to eat at Wreck Cove General Store. Located just seconds away from the snowmobile trails, Wreck Cove General Store and Ravens Rock Country Cottages provide you with fuel, hot meals and accommodations.

Overnight at Ravens Rock Cottages. These cottages have been constructed with your comfort in mind. Newly built in 2017, the cottages are made for all seasons and have all of the modern conveniences of a home. Cook your own meals and do laundry conveniently in the hills of the Highlands!

Approximate distance travelled for Day 3 is 120 kms.
Day Three Map Visual

Day Three

Cape Clear Look Off

Day Four

Travel back to Whycocomagh to retrieve your vehicle.

11Starting from the groomed trails at point 7P, follow them along approximately 40km until you get to Trail 104 at point 9H. Follow Trail 104 for approximately 90kms, all the way to Whycocomagh, where your vehicle will be waiting, passing points 7N, 7R, 9H, 7S, 7T, 10F, 7U, 7H, 7D, 7C, 7A, 6K, 6P, 6L and 4M along the way.

Approximate distance travelled for Day 4 is 130 kms.
Day Four Map Visual

Day Four

Trail 104

Clifford Aucoin

Cabot Snowmobile Club

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